About Us

Berdica Cement is a market leading distributor of white cement as well as of ingredients and additives for the building materials industry and for the paint and coatings industry in Albania and Kosovo.

Founded in 1994 as an importer and distributor of ingredients and additives for the food industry, Berdica soon became a leader in this field in the Albanian market.

In 2008, following the fast development of the building materials and paint and coatings industries in Albania, Berdica decided to extend its activity to this field and gradually became a leading distributor of cement, ingredients, and additives in Albania and Kosovo. Through cooperative partnerships with our suppliers and customers, we connect the industries of our region with some of the most well-known chemical companies worldwide.

Following the one-stop-shop model, Berdica Cement offers currently about 280 different products, which cover the whole range of the customer needs for ingredients and additives. We keep looking for the best to offer, stay up to date with the current technology trends and product developments, and share the information and know-how with our customers.

Owing to the high standards of our suppliers as well as our commitment, we offer our customers the best quality, product availability, and competitive prices. Besides the offered products, we assist our customers at all times with professional technical support and customer service.

Our experience combined with our commitment to continuous improvement and capability development allows us to look forward to further accomplishments.


To be an indispensable link connecting the world’s most advanced chemical companies with the industries in our region.


To provide the best options in our market by offering superior quality and contemporary products at competitive prices and with excellent customer service.